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The journey to becoming Jo Mama's cafe' at A & H began in the spring of 1967 when AI and Margaret Gelhar began construction, finishing in time to open on Memorial Day Weekend under the name Gelhar's cafe. The cafe' originally seated 29 customers and had a room (now the "coke" room) in switch they sold groceries, auto oil, and auto parts. The site also served as a gas station with two pumps located where the yard light now stands.
In 1970 Gelhar sold the cafe' to Duane and Shirley muller, who changed the name to Muller's Corner Cafe. In 1971 their friend and neighbor, Fred Dhein, installed the counter's unique, comfortable tractor seats. People often scramble to get a seat at the counter!
Sometime during 1979 or 1980, Dick and Elaine Fontaine purchased the cafe' and, after operating it for just a little over a year, sold it to Lee and Karen Rigby in July 1981. The name was changed to The A&H Corner Cafe'. Karen became good friends with Fred Dhien and his wife Marion, and Fred enjoyed spending time at the cafe' doing minor repairs. A surprise party was held in honor of Fred and Marion, and an engraved sign, "The Dining Room," was hung on the old oil room.
In the early 80s, a room was added for Bakery/Deli on the east end of the cafe'. For a short time afterward, it was used as a real estate office, and after the log cabin was built, the real estate office moved into the log cabin. The room (now the Elvis room) then became additional seating for dining. A family entertainment game room was built on the south side of the parking lot and eventually became a rental property.
In 1993 AI and Margaret's daughter, Jo, leased the cafe' and changed the name to Jo Mama's. In 2015 Jerry and Tina Smude leased the cafe', purchasing it in 2017, and kept the name Jo Mama's.

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